What on earth is happening to those items for which supply dwindles, which are not produced anymore or whose shelf space we need for who-knows-what reasons?


Up to now they were sent in a rather unspectacular way to the "Low Ridin’ Prices" department where they waited to be kick-started for the ride to their discoverer.

But due to the fact that we more and more run out of warehouse space we would like to speed up these fine parts - already offered at very attractive prices - just a bit more towards insane thrill.


Welcome to the downhill race of prices:


On a fixed day of the week, each item listed in our "Low Ridin’ Prices" section, will have its price lowerd by an additional 10%. And this will happen again and again, week after week, until someone pushes the button and until the last piece is sold.


Starting November 5th, 2014, the checkered flag drops and from then onwards it´s push-the-button time every Wednesday at 19:03 GMT. Who´s got the steel nerves to wait for the next 10% price cut and who is fast enough to nail down the last article. How low can YOU go!?