OMP sæde HTE-R

OMP sæde HTE-R

4.598,00 DKK

Vejl. udsalgspris 4.598,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: 202300
Lagerstatus: På lager

OMP sæde HTE-R racing seat. Denne model fåes i 3 varianter. I XL udførelse og i HTE-R400 hvor ørene er mindre ca. 80 mm til montering i smalle biler.

The OMP HTE-R competition seat has a fibreglass shell with built in padded head restraint for maximum protection and high profile side bolsters for lateral support. The seat has large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights of driver or co-driver.

  • Features 5 harness slots, removable split leg cushions and an adjustable lumbar cushion for added comfort
  • The seat is side mounted and is also FHR/HANS compatible

Fully upholstered in the OMP 'AIRTEX' material for improved breathability and padded with high density materials with grip enhancing dotted fabric on the seat cushion and shoulders.

FIA 8855-1999 Approved